In 2014, we proudly acquired the South Saskatoon facility, formerly known as the South Corman Park Landfill, from the RM of Corman Park following a rich history of serving the Saskatoon area since 1972.

We welcome our residential and commercial customers and are keen to offer a waste solutionl alternative to everyone in the community!

51 Years in Operation for the Community

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South Saskatoon Waste Solutions Provider

Environmental stewardship is our top priority. We make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint and strive for zero deviations from the highest environmental standards. We continue to explore ways to raise the bar when it comes to waste management and diversion.

Our soon to be rolled out organic composting operation follows in our commitment to divert waste from landfills and create beneficial use compost and a fertilizer product which is under development currently 

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  We are exited to be able to offer one of the closest and most convenient faciities to SaskatoonType your paragraph here.We offer  responsible waste

solutions including recycling of metals,plastics and cardboard and soon we will be offering diversion of organics which allows us to increase our diversion targets .

Organics are a major source of greenhouse gases (GHG) and we are proud of being able to reduce our carbon footprint and create high value compost 


Composting will soon be coming to our facility and we  are very proud of our abiity to expand our recycling efforts of recycling of plastics, metals and cardboard to now include organics recycling or composting .

This means that we will be increasing our diversion away from landfill and will be producing beneficial use compost .

 This is  exciting news for residents of Corman Park who now have a place to bring their organics (kitchen scraps only please) and as a special thank you we will be giving our compost away free to Corman Park  Residents for pick up at our site for the balance of 2023 

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Green Prairie Environmental is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated. 

We are committed to providing cost-effective and environmentally sound waste solutions for all residential and commercial customers. 

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