Our Community

As a part of the community we serve, we are keen to sponsor local organizations and get involved. We look forward to keeping the community informed and please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Our Facility

We are proud to offer the  greater Saskatoon area a cost effective and friendly waste disposal option, with an operational focus on environmental sustainability and waste diversion for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

Our Vision

Our vision that guides our daily operations is simple: Meet and exceed provincial standards, while continually seeking news ways to reduce our environmental footprint and mitigate any adverse environmental impacts.  

About Green Prairie Environmental

Green Prairie Environmental is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated. 

We are committed to providing cost-effective and environmentally-sound disposal for all residential and commercial solid waste providers. 

Gone are the days of "dumps". The future is engineered landfills governed by responsible and sustainable waste management practice. Waste must be responsibly recycled, re-used and as a last resort landfilled to ensure:

  • maximize diversion and recycling initiatives
  • reuse wherever possible 
  • invest in research & development to seek out new uses